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November 25, 2013
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Just us by CourtJesterMieko Just us by CourtJesterMieko
So I really hate single refs...

Yamashita Amaterasu: Yamashita Amaterasu is, hopefully, the last PoT OC I make...She is an idol that was scouted when she was three for modeling then went into a music career when she was 12 and has been advancing since then. Her idol presence tends to be very girly and sweet, an innocent type of girl but that isnt who she really is. Ama is violent and loud, she speaks her mind and seems to scare everyone away aside from her childhood 'friend' and neighbor Shiraishi who she develops an interest in when she is 14. 

She is currently 16 and a third year in middle school as she missed a year while working and had to repeat it. Shitenhouji has a lot of her fans but once they meet her they really only like her music and end up hating her as she isnt a very good person. Shiraishi seems to be the only one to see the actual good in her and, no matter how violent or mean she can get, he is always there to keep her under control and encourage her to be happy.

Their relationship is going to be fun...Especially when you have Shiraishi who seems to be intimidating and can manipulate younger minds(such as Kin-chan) to believe anything...Ama is in for trouble whenever they get together...

Another fun fact about Ama, her father is the current boss of an Osakan Yakuza family and her older brother is set to take over for him. Because of this, Ama can be a very violent woman and can sometimes be seen fighting with people at random...Somehow she manages to keep her family hidden from her job and is only able to get away with her fighting in public without being exposed is because her father likes to threaten people who try too

Kitaoji Kikyou: Kikyou is what you call a 'natural beauty' that doesnt mean she is a perfect little princess or anything it just means she was lucky enough to have some really good genes...So she is selected to do some modeling for her all girls elementary and middle school and is scouted to do some free modeling for Sakurako Myers' new girls tennis uniforms which gets her more known. Through this she is offered a scholarship to Hyoutei where the whole Atobe torture/relationship begins...I have it set up but I want to change it to something that better suits these two...

Right now it resembles something from HoneyxHoney Drops but I realize thats bad so I wanna change it to a forced engagement by Atobe's father who sees Kikyou as a good face for the future of the company and I mean this literally as she is a model and would get attention towards the business through it...Ill work out the kinks later...

Kurosaki Otohime: This girl is the sickly fiance to Sanada...Which has made me realize I have all the boys aside from Jackal paired...The hell did that happen...Obsession at making different types happened...

Now this is a strange pairing and character...Sanada's type is hinted at liking more active girls but I wanted a type that his parents would approve of so I compromised...Otohime has always been weak and sickly but when the two were kids she was much more active and outgoing. This leads to her her extended hospitalization by middle school...She is actually in the hospital about a year before Yukimura goes in and its kept hidden from the team and everyone until Mieko finds out by chance when she goes in after her knee acts up and thus Otohime is brought into the fold...

The marriage between the two was arranged when they were young so Sanada doesnt have much of a choice, not that he really cares/minds since Otohime goes at his pace and he is comfortable around her so they work out well. Just not sure on how long she will live past their marriage...She is going to die after having their son but not sure how long after...Another issue for later...

Sakurai Chisou: Chisou is Kagami's younger sister and the little princess in the household; when I say little sister I mean there is like a four month difference between the two..Their mother got pregnant again not very long after givng birth to Kagami hoping for a son... While Kagami is forced into the Yakuza life Chisou isnt, though she is dragged into combat based training for protection so her and Kagami share a more violent side.
She is the girl Im pairing with Marui officially...She is an adorable little girl that bakes when she can and always giving people sweets and things...Pure princess type with a scary side

Miyagi Tomoji: Their father abused them and Tomo took it upon himself to take beatings for Risa which results in different things depending on plot.
In my plot he sort of turns into a sadist...Loves fighting and causing harm and has a very strong urge to beat up any male who comes near Risa.
In Fou's plot he likes to provoke others to cause him pain, so more of a masochist...

PoT- Konomi Takeshi
base- ~xxiCrazyxx

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